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The Ronald W. Reagan Society

What does the Society aspire to?


With its current commitment to the Reagan Leadership Program, Eureka College has a proven track record of successful stewardship of the higher education component of the Reagan leadership legacy, including:



With a proven record of transforming lives of select student leaders since 1982, the Fellows of the Ronald W. Reagan Leadership Program are known on campus as the “Reagans.” Recipients of four year full-tuition fellowships and stipends to travel the world to learn from mentors, These Reagan Fellows represent a living tribute to Reagan leadership values, and the time has come to raise the resources to strengthen and expand the leadership program.
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Located on the campus and educating 150,000 visitors since 1992, the museum houses 10,000 personal and public objects Reagan donated to his alma mater representing each period of his life, from Eureka days through his Presidency. Anew vision for interpreting the collection and educating more visitors requires private support.
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Dedicated in 2000 in celebration of Reagan's world leadership and his so-called “Eureka speech” hailed as “the beginning of the end of the Cold War.” The Garden houses a large bronze bust of Reagan and section of the Berlin Wall. Located at the heart of the Eureka campus the Garden symbolizes that the 40th President never forgot his alma mater and that Eureka College will never forget Ronald Reagan. New resources are required to preserve, promote and expand the impact of this special symbol and popular visitor destination.  
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Planned additions to the Reagan Program:


Honorary Reagan Fellows

Recognizing public service and leadership of those who personify the qualities of Ronald W. Reagan, Eureka College has established this new international recognition.



A Publication Of The Ronald W. Reagan Leadership Program

To share Reagan leadership lessons, Leadership Letters will inspire people of all ages to find their own leadership vision and voice. Entries will be written by Reagan friends and scholars as well as the most accomplished leaders of our time.

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Reagan Scholar Awards

Reflecting the leadership lessons of Ronald Reagan, Eureka College’s Reagan Scholar Awards will celebrate the finest minds who share our vision of carrying the lessons of Reagan forward.


The Ronald W. Reagan Leadship Program Website and Institutes

Development and dissemination of a national leadership curriculum and a web-based resource center to support the development of young leaders with a foundation of Reagan values. This website is a beginning of this vision.



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For More Information

John D. Morris
Director of
The Ronald W. Reagan Society
300 E. College Avenue
Eureka, IL 61530
(309) 467-6477 jmorris@eureka.edu





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